You might have noticed links to MOOCs in the right column of this blog. If you haven’t herad of MOOCs before, a MOOC is a:

Massive: Anyone from anywhere can participate, contribute and collaborate

Open: Open to anyone, no admission requirements, free

Online: Access – Internet connection and web enabled device

Course: A structured course around a topic (any topic), initiated by one or more individuals with an interest and background in topic (though not always).

Course content can be delivered via: readings, videos, live chats, wiki’s and/or discussion boards. MOOCs function as a traditional course, with a syllabus, guidelines but with many contributors.  College credit or a certificate of completion is not given at this point, however with Mozilla’s initiative Open Badges this is due to change.

Some think MOOCs are the educational future – they certainly seem to be gathering popularity in eLearning continuing PD.

You can find more background at the blog source for the above definition at or by simply Googling or Youtubing etc.



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