More on the Flipped Classroom approach – Douchy makes the, perhaps obvious, point that it’s any potential change to teaching practice like this has to be extending and improving learners’ learning experience. Overall course design comes first. (At least that’s the way I read it!).

Douchy's Blog

When people talk about flipping their classrooms, the conversation seems to focus on moving certain used-to-be-classroom activities (namely chalk & talk) from class-time to home-time using videos, screencasts and podcasts.   That is one side of the flipped classroom model.

The flip-side of the model though, is what to do with the extra time created in the classroom.

Mainstream, traditional flipped-classroom advocates would have students doing their ‘homework’ in class time, assisted by their teacher who is now untethered from the whiteboard and able to work one-to-one with students, each completing individual self-paced work.  It does make sense.  If they are going to be completing individual homework anyway, this is better than doing so alone at night when there is no help available when they are stuck.

If we are not careful though, I think the danger here, is that class-time could become boring, both for teacher and…

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