The Plan

Hello everyone,

It’s been pointed out that the complete plan has not been put on the blog – oops.

Here it is now – click on the image to see the PDF of the plan.



2 thoughts on “The Plan

  1. G’day Bob and all the other people represented by the “elearningvuc” moniker 😉

    Good to see you have learners and learning placed right at the core of your innovation strategies. And you have some great pieces in your reference collection. That “Innovate and Integrate” research by (the late) Marie Jasinski is an incredibly valuable resource.

    “eLearning will be pedagogy- rather than technology-driven” is a very welcome phrase in a document like this, and it shows that you really value this idea (p13).

    Best of luck, kind regards, michael

    PS: Just one thing, in your Exec Summary, you say, “over the next Current Web 2.0 tools within the 2012 upgrade.” I’m wondering if something is missing from that sentence? (p5)

    • G’day Michael – our first comment – and a very welcome one at that. You’ve clearly done a pretty close reading of the document – I lost count of the number of edits done on this and yet still a gap there! I’ll hunt down that text and correct – thanks. And all the best with the good work you’re doing in ACE. Bob

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