Some wiki ideas

Wikis in education

Hello all,

Here a link to one of a number of Blended/eLearning guides made available in the WizIQ virtual Classroom.

For those of you who are using orlooking to use a wiki in your classes, there are some useful tips here for how to get the most out of them – good stuff.



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A wiki link

myenglishonline is a Personal Language Learning Environment (PLLE) wiki for, and I quote,Self-Directed Language Learners.

You can apply to join to receive updates and to contribute to the community. (It seems a useful model for a shared resource wiki.)

It includes many resources including pages on language learning strategies, links to tasks, etc.

The contents panel below gives a more complete overview – click on it to go to the site – and join up.

Click to link to myenglishonline

A tool a day (2)

Well … it’s more than one tool today – here’s a l ink to a web 2.0 course based in a WordPress blog – organised into ‘lessons’ and with student online communication built in to the site – links to podcasts, Google docs, twitter, etc.

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Teacher Blogs

Teacher Blogs from Croydon, Swinburne and Gippsland – they look good. To go to the sites, either click on the site image or see links to Blogs and Wikis in the right panel.