Multimedia tool


Thanks to Tracy Batt for this lead – Educaplay is a ‘…platform for creating multimedia teaching activities’. They’re essentially designed for creating simple language exercises by the looks (see range of activity types below). They can be embedded in webpages for integration into larger web-based tasks. The one I tried (jumbled sentences) was easy to use – after a bit of orientation.
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How to make your own eBooks

Hello all,

CAE have published a guide to creating EPUB digital books. (Click on the image to link to the CAE Report and instructions.)

What is an eBook?
An eBook is an electronic book!
It is meant to be read on an electronic device like an eReader, smart phone or tablet computer (but also on a desktop or laptop).  The eBook is portable and can contain all of the information that is published in pBooks (paper books) – but can also include digital resources through hyperlinks to websites and embedded videos.

Let me know if you’re interested in exploring further.

Do you have links and/or ideas you’d like to publicise or see explored here? Let me know by posting a comment, and I’ll look into it.

Mobile ESL

SpeakingPal (and

Hello all – I subscribed to the WizIQ email (which links to ESL discussion boards) a long time ago and, as these things go, I’ve seen the emails regularly appearing in my inbox passed over them with the thought to ‘reading them when I have time’.

Well I found 5 minutes today and came across a reference to SpeakingPal in a student-sparked discussion about learning pronunciation. SpeakingPal is a mobile pronunciation practice app. I haven’t looked into it in detail, but if you want to check it, click on the link below:

Click to go to SpeakingPal homepage

A tool (occasionally)

iPadio – phonecasting

Phonecasting allows you and students to leave messages on a web page for access anywhere and anytime (assuming the technology) ‘simply’ using a phone. As far as I can tell, it’s not a discussion board which allows for selecting a ‘Reply to phonecast’ option, so it’s more suited to one way information sharing – like a blog as opposed to a wiki or discussion board. It could be used for reflective recordings or student practice.

However they can be emdedded into a webpage (as below) and so could allow for 2-way communication in that way – please comment.

Have a look at my sample phonecast by clicking on the image below.

Link to test Phonecast

You can go to the registration/login page by clicking on the next image.

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Occasional tools (11)

In the cloud

Hello everyone – a couple of tools for accessing and sharing files on the move:


allows you to ‘capture anything’ you see while browsing the web,  make written notes,  record audio and image and then save them to the ‘cloud’ for access on any desktop or mobile computers you have. Evernote works with nearly every computer, phone and mobile device out there.

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Upload your documents, pictures, etc to Dropbox and access them and share them anywhere.

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Use an eTool – VoiceThread

VoiceThread discussion – what is TPACK?

Hello everyone – why not try out an eTool? You need a recording device to participate: click on the image below to go to an online audio discussion board where you can participate by clicking on ‘Comment’ below the discussion starter image and recording a comment. I’ve suggested comments on the topic, but comment on the possibilities for your classes of using the VoiceThread tool would also be of interest.

Click on the image to participate in an online audio discussion board in VoiceThread.

And here is a VoiceThread discussion about the use of VoiceThread in classes for some further ideas  (in a range of contexts): click to open the discussion

A tool a day (9)


Download and upload podcasts/vodcasts with iBlug – as the name suggests, it’s an iPhone app (there are android apps for downloading podcasts, but I’m yet to confirm one that can upload).

Click the image to link to a short video taken with an iPhone then uploaded to a podcasting site using iBlug