eLearning Plan VUC Forum presentation

Interactive PowerPoint on Slideshare

Here is the PowerPoint presentation made to the VU College Forum on Friday 20th. Hyperlinks referred to in the talk are active in the Slideshare version – access them by clicking on (most) images within the PowerPoint AND summary notes are available by clicking on ‘Notes on Slide X’ below the main Slideshow (see picture-link below).

Please contact me if there are any follow-up questions at bob.keith@vu.edu.au




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VU eLearning Update

Learning Management Systems

Hello  everyone

The selection of the new Learning Management System remains unclear which suggests that for the foreseeable future WebCT and PebblePad will continue to be the primary VU-based tools. I’ve spoken with Kate Mitchell and the eLearning Support team will provide local workshops as requested. There will be follow-up support for the workshops from the VU College teaching and learning eLearning staff i.e. Raynan Abella, Mingyu (Yook) Li and myself.

Having said that, here is a link to an alternative free LMS which has some backing from some VU staff.  Maybe you’d like to have a look at it as an alternative to WebCT until the new system is in place?

Canvas LMS from Instructure – click to go to the Canvas site.

You can check out it’s features here first:

Click on the image to go to the features page.



Launch Update

Unfortunately the audio file from the VU College eLearning Plan Launch was faulty and could not be uploaded. Paul has kindly recorded a voice over for the presentation – see below. It only runs for about 14 minutes so it doesn’t capture the full colour of the day, but it does highlight the key points raised. I’m sure we’ll come back to these as the Plan is rolled out.

On the day, Paul also provided a number of related handouts relating to:

Barriers to eLearning


TESOL Tech Standards to guide expected eLearning skills


Key concepts in Blended Learning and some implications


Rubric for Communication Activities in Blended Learning


Plan Launch Flyer

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eLearning Launch – Paul Gruba bio

Hello all,

An update on Paul Gruba – eLearning Launch keynote speaker:

Paul grew up in LA, earned a degree in journalism from the University of Alaska and first taught English as Peace Corps volunteer in Bamako, Mali in 1983. He then worked in Japan teaching EFL, and then returned to earn at MA TESOL at UCLA before heading, once again, back to Japan to develop language tests. From there, he migrated to Australia and earned a doctorate in applied linguistics by examining the role of digital video in second language listening comprehension. At the start of this century, he gained a full-time position and is currently a Senior Lecturer, School of Languages and Linguistics, University of Melbourne. His current research interests include language and technology, new media assessments and research methodologies.

And here he is: