Mark Pegrum’s quick intro to m-learning

Excerpt from Mark Pegrum’s wiki (see link in side bar) on mobile learning

Web 2.0 in education


M-learning refers to education involving mobile handheld devices like smartphones (including Android phones, BlackBerrys and the iPhone), tablets (including the iPad), portable media players (including the iPod, iPod Touch, and mp3 players) and PDAs. Some researchers prefer the term u-learning (ubiquitous learning), which places less emphasis on mobility and contextual independence and more emphasis on the situated, contextualised learning that mobile devices enable. Nowadays, some of the most dramatic developments in the broader field of e-learning are taking place within the subfield of m-learning/u-learning. A selection of recent news items about u-learning can be seen in the Ubiquitous Learning widget embedded on the right.

Examples of m-learning options can be found at the actual page



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